Five Reasons Your Business Needs to Automate PTO


With summer upon us, employees will look to utilize their paid time off (PTO) vacation days. It’s crucial to ensure you and your Human Resources team are organized and ready to keep daily operations functioning smoothly alongside giving your employees a much-appreciated break. 


There are many ways to manage PTO in-house, but it often gets complicated and leaves room for error. Depending on the size of your business and the number of employees taking PTO, it usually leaves HR managers struggling to keep up. Unless there is automation involved, PTO is usually tracked on a spreadsheet, which makes it difficult to keep updated and current, and many times results in disputes and aggravation for both the employee and employer.


Kismet PEO automates the PTO tracking, request and approval process within our PEO technology platform, PrismHR. PrismHR offers a clean, easy, and pain-free experience for employees and HR Managers to manage PTO. Because this technology platform also processes payroll, it is easy to tie time accruals and allowances directly to time worked and provides a visual representation to both parties on how much time is available to be used. 


Here are 5 reasons why you might want to consider partnership with Kismet PEO to help automate your Payroll and PTO scheduling: 


Built-in automation of the PTO process within Prism HR. 

    • This removes the manual work involved with tracking PTO. It also allows the ability to utilize a shared Company PTO calendar. 

Easy calculations for unique PTO offerings between employees.

    • We can calculate accruals through a variety of PTO formulas to accommodate the different variables involved with each employee’s unique PTO offering. 

Increased time efficiency.

    • Time savings – requests, reviews and approvals can happen in minutes or in some cases, almost instantly.

Removes common errors.

    • Using automation greatly reduces, if not completely eliminates, the possibility of human error.

Ensures a standard practice.

    • Automation ensures that there is a standard practice throughout your whole company. This means everyone will receive the same process, and there will be no need for multiple emails and papers to be shuffled between the employees and HR.


Kismet PEO can help your business become more efficient at managing your employee’s PTO. 

Interested? To learn more about how Kismet PEO can help your business, click below! 


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