PEO Resources: Benefits


Benefits of Outsourcing HR to a PEO: Employee Benefits

Compared to employees working in businesses that are not PEO clients, employees working in businesses that are PEO clients are significantly more likely to report that their employer:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to them as employees
  • Has good hiring practices
  • Has good HR policies and practices
  • Does a good job of designing employees’ jobs, and
  • Provides employees with good training and development opportunities

Employees of PEO clients also report significantly higher scores on key measures related to employee satisfaction and confidence in company management:

  • Levels of employee engagement
  • Intention to stay with their current employer until retirement
  • Belief that employer is taking the right steps to be competitive
  • Trust that employer is supporting employees in delivering excellent customer service
  • Confidence in employer’s approach to growing the company

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