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Benefits of Outsourcing HR to a PEO: Employer Benefits

  • Nearly all current PEO clients immediately mention time savings. Business owners actually receive an estimated 40% more time back in their days with a PEO partnership so they can focus on their core business, not HR functions. While most mentioned time savings as an initial reason to seek out help, they admit they did not realize the amount of time and brainpower required to run their HR functions in-house. It was only after moving forward with the PEO that they realized how much time could be saved.
  • A recent study by evoice.com found that 90% of small business owners fill 3 or more roles regularly, and 44% fill at least 5 different employee roles. A co-employment model allows a PEO to help take a few of those jobs off your hands.
  • Current PEO users are significantly more likely to report business growth compared to non-users, 82% vs. 66%, respectively.
  • 9 out of 10 current PEO users expect their business to grow next year compared to only three-quarters of non-users having the same optimism.
  • PEO clients also report peace-of-mind and cost savings from using PEO services See benefits under Save and Protect.

Facts About Small Business Owners


regularly fill 3 or more roles


fill at least 5 different employee roles


struggle with juggling multiple roles


“do not have enough time”


find it difficult to make a profit

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