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Have you ever been in a situation where you could achieve many of your needs by visiting one location?  Over the years, many retailers such as grocery chains have evolved to the point where at one central location, you can not only get your grocery shopping done, you can get medical prescriptions filled, visit the bank, drop off your dry cleaning and in some cases, top off your gas tank too! Kismet PEO is your one-stop shop for all your HR needs. 

Vendor Consolidation as a Cost Containment Strategy 

Think for a moment about all the important products and services that are required when you employ workers for your enterprise, then, think of the fact that in most cases each of these products or services will most likely be provided by a single vendor – so, you may have a broker for employee healthcare, a second broker for your required Workers’ Compensation policy, and maybe a third insurance provider for your business or commercial policy. 

Then, you either process payroll internally, or pay a third-party payroll processing company to handle it.  You may hire a Human Resources Consultant or pay an attorney for guidance and advice for HR or pay to have your Employee Handbook initially drafted, which will then need to be kept in compliance – for additional fees.  There may still be another insurance broker that gets you a great deal on ancillary insurance coverages and possibly yet another for life policy if you offer them. 

Next, let’s add another vendor for some type of retirement plan offering.  In this situation, we have already identified SEVEN individual sources, each with their own Account Manager or Salesperson that will want your valuable time for meetings, product demonstrations, updates, and then the negotiations start, with each of them.  In an individual relationship with each, there is no opportunity for volume or ‘bundling’, you are paying a fair or in some cases, unnecessarily high costs to acquire these things.

What Makes Kismet PEO Different?

Kismet PEO is in a unique position to provide a very similar scenario.  At our single centralized location in our classic building positioned next to the Shenango River at 30 East State Street in downtown Sharon Pennsylvania, we are able to provide this experience – get all you need for your employees through one team, one set of experts to handle everything from acquiring health benefits, payroll processing, and Workers’ Compensation to the procurement of an affordable 401(k) Plan or even home, auto, or pet insurance.

Business in a Box

With Kismet PEO, everything mentioned in the prior example can be acquired under one roof.  All insurance needs (including Workers’ Comp), payroll processing, Human Resources support, advice/guidance on Labor Law Compliance, HRIS Software, compliant and current Employee Handbook, 401(k) and much, much, more are available in one building, saving you time and money through vendor consolidation.

There are many benefits of choosing Kismet PEO to help your business today! 

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