Our Culture & Core Values



The word Kismet means fate, or “it’s written in the stars.”

your destiny

Fulfill your destiny and be accountable to write the next chapter in your personal, organizational and community story. To do this, embody the “if it is to be, it’s up to me” spirit of accountability; recognize and take advantage of opportunities; and have the courage to be entrepreneurial and reach beyond boundaries.


Faithful and active service and responsibility to and investment in customer, community, team, and self. This includes an abundance mentality and open, honest communication.

This extends to our employment practices. For example, when people leave your team or the organization, take pride in knowing you have made people better and prepared them for their next story. In addition, be wise to know they have made you better and prepared you, your team, and the organization for our next story.


Evolve as a human being, as an organization, and as leaders in a diverse community through continuous improvement, education, and pursuit of quality through personal, organizational, and community growth/transformation.


Empower others and be empowered through generosity in knowledge and spirit.

This includes: collaboration/teamwork; emotional intelligence; fairness; integrity; transparency; honesty; humility; inspiration; innovation; and creativity.

We do all the things you don’t like,
so you can do the things you love.