PEOs: Do Not Have to be All or Nothing!


The traditional PEO (Professional Employer Organization) model, by design, attempts to move businesses completely into the PEO for virtually all necessary products and services, with one large, end-to-end integrated solution platform.  And there are most certainly benefits to be gained with this strategy.

The most common misconception about PEOs is that as a PEO they must possess every solution across the board as an all-encompassing third-party to help manage your business. While this might be true for some PEOs it is not the case for Kismet PEO.

Businesses partner with PEOs to consolidate vendors, gain affordable access to benefits offerings, and to potentially lower operating costs, and through outsourcing the goal is to gain back time that can then be spent on strategy and growth of their business. The ‘ideal situation’ for a PEO is for their team to handle all the important needs of their clients, related to employee care and business compliance. This includes:

  • Employee Healthcare and Ancillary Insurances
  • Human Resources Support and guidance in Labor Law Compliance
  • Payroll Processing and Taxes
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Unemployment Claims Management
  • 401(k) Plan

While these areas can be complex and time-consuming for the leaders of small to mid-size companies, not all companies need help with every single area. Unlike the average PEO that seeks to transition businesses in all the aforementioned areas, Kismet PEO understands that not every client is going to require an all-encompassing solution – and that’s okay!

Kismet PEO can provide flexibility and customization, providing what is needed without mandating an entire organizational transition. With our ability to customize our services we can offer the following benefits for our clients:

  • HR Support, Payroll Processing, and access to the proprietary, MEP 401(k) Plan
  • Human Resources Support, ala carte (without payroll processing)
  • Direct Placement Recruitment Services (standalone)
  • Administrative Services Only (HR Support and Payroll processing without co-employment)
  • Access to Employee Healthcare, Insurance Coverage + Standard PEO Relationship

The good news is that Kismet PEO can be flexible to provide you with the important products services and expertise you need in critical areas to solve problems, create well-being and peace of mind, increase employee happiness and engagement, and help reduce time spent on administrative tasks so you can focus on taking your business to the next level!

To learn more about how Kismet PEO can help your business, contact us.


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