Hiring and Recruiting Services that can Actually Help Your Business Grow


These days, demand for workers and professionals may be higher than it has ever been, and many PEOs have ‘jumped on the bandwagon with references to “help with hiring” or “Recruitment Assistance” – which is undoubtedly eye-catching when you have open positions, but what does it really mean?  What are they really offering?


Most often, due to the broad scope that encompasses Human Resources, most PEOs can offer a degree of support or assistance with recruitment-related details like assistance in creating job descriptions, essential functions, or the ability to provide a salary or prevailing wage data. 


Or maybe they may offer suggestions on how and where to post job ads or even provide interview tips and techniques, but is that recruiting or hiring?  Obviously not.


Not only does Kismet PEO provide all the above-mentioned, but we take it one crucial step further, performing the entire candidate sourcing and recruiting for you, which can include:

  • Job description review, enhancement, and creation.
  • Candidate sourcing – finding the actual candidates!
  • Pre-screen/pre-qualification interview screenings.
  • Candidate evaluation assessment tools.
  • Candidate highlights overview and presentation.
  • Total rewards package negotiation.
  • Professional reference validation. (if applicable)
  • Any level of pre-employment screening, drug/background/credit, etc. (if applicable)


Kismet PEO houses an internal Professional Recruiting Team that can go to work immediately on your job openings to identify, pre-screen and qualify candidates – and serve them up for you to interview, saving you from sorting through hundreds of resumes and saving you tons of time.


We have experience in a wide range of positions, from hourly workers to the C-suite and everything in between.  We have built and continually add to an extensive database of candidates to draw on and access to cutting-edge technology tools to help locate the best talent. 


Before you decide to partner with a PEO that advertises Recruitment as a service capability they offer, be sure to understand just how involved they will be in assisting you with recruitment and hiring and the extent of the services being provided.


If you are in critical need of talent to operate your business, contact us today to discuss how we can help you attain the best talent!

Interested? To learn more about how Kismet PEO can help your business, click below! 


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