Summer Business Strategy

While you might think Q2 planning revolves around prepping for tax season, there’s much more you can do to stay focused and grow your business.

Here are six ways to enhance your summer business strategy to add to your Q2 business checklist:

1. Create a One-Page Business Plan for the Quarter

Most small business owners have a vision but often overlook writing it down. A concise quarterly plan simplifies the journey. Aim for a one-page document outlining 3-5 goals or focus areas for the quarter. Include the tasks required to achieve each goal, critical milestones, who’s responsible for each task, and deadlines. Tracking a couple of KPIs, like cost reduction or revenue improvement, can also be beneficial.

A short and clear plan helps everyone understand the business’s direction and their role in it, making it easier to track progress throughout the quarter.

2. Prepare Reports for Your Tax Preparer

Taxes are unavoidable. If you haven’t organized your key financial documents for filing your 2023 business tax return, now’s the time. Gather your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cost of goods sold, expenses, and Form 1099-MISC. Proper organization can be crucial, especially if the IRS audits you. For more on required records, check the IRS guidelines.

3. After Filing, Plan for the Year Ahead

Once tax season ends, meet with your tax planner or accountant to review lessons learned, assess your fiscal state, and plan necessary adjustments for the year ahead. They can help you understand your financials, balance your budget, improve cash flow, and make strategic decisions about purchases.

4. Plan How You’ll Use Your Tax Refund

If you expect a tax refund, plan how to use it wisely. Consider supporting business goals, investing in a marketing campaign, hosting a customer event, or upgrading equipment and technology to boost productivity. For more ideas, check out “10 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return and Grow Your Business.”

5. Spring Clean Your Business

With spring’s arrival, it’s a great time to clean up your business operations. Here are some tips:

– Tidy up: Deep clean your office or workplace, discard old files, and replace outdated furniture.

– Segment email lists: Improve email marketing by segmenting your lists for more personalized content.

– Upgrade technology: Replace old systems with modern tech solutions that address major pain points and are future-proof.

6. Seasonal Businesses: Start Summer Planning Now

If your business is seasonal, begin preparing for summer. Plan for hiring seasonal workers and developing summer marketing campaigns. If summer is a slow period, explore strategies to manage cash flow and stay productive. Here are some questions to ask:

– Do we need to Hire Summer Help?

– How do we to Attract Summer Interns?

– How do we heat up our Summer Marketing Strategy?

– What do we need to adapt to for slow summer business?

Don’t know where to start for some of the Summer Business Strategy tips items above? Talk to the Kismet team today!

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